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What is the mission of the TPC?

The mission of the Twenty Pearls Club is to cultivate academic achievement, promote community activism, and encourage personal growth amongst young ladies.  The organization provides exposure to strong African-American women leaders in the community through mentoring relationships between the members of Phi Beta Omega Chapter and participating young ladies in grades 10-12 in the Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties.

What types of programs does TPC offer?

The Twenty Pearls Club features a mentoring program devised for personal, educational, social, and cultural development of African American young ladies through various activities and workshops.  Past program workshop topics include: Leadership & Communication, Self-Esteem Forum, Women's Healthcare and Career/College Planning.

TPC is also devoted to the community.  The program offers a variety of service projects for participants.  Past service projects include: Feeding the homeless, orphanage projects and community-focused walks.

Finally, TPC has a social aspect, encouraging its participants to get to know each other as colleagues and friends.  The group participates in cultural and social outings to facilitate this portion of the group.

How do I get involved?

Parents and students interested in learning more about TPC are encouraged to attend the Annual TPC Open House.

If you missed the date for the Open House, don't worry; contact one of the Phi Beta Omega TPC Committee Chairmen for more information on how to get involved. Contact us by email at or call at 215-242-1675.